The Christian Married Couples Retreat (CMCR) was organized in 1979.  We have been ministering to married couples in the Sacramento community for over 35 years.  One of the founding married couples of CMCR who still serve as members of the Christian Married Couples Retreat Committee are Brother John and Sister Morlene Anderson.  The CMCR Committee is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization and is comprised of married couples from several local Sacramento area churches.  We plan and conduct annual retreats and occasional weekend marriage workshops.


The CMCR mission is to provide a ministry that encourages and enriches marriages by providing annual Christian-based weekend marriage retreats.  The overall focus of our retreats and workshops is to provide the opportunity for married couples to explore and enrich their marriages based on Biblical principles.  In addition to this goal, it is our prayer that married couples will be inspired and excited enough from attending the retreats to return to the home church and consider initiating a married couple‚Äôs ministry.


We know from experience, our retreat events have the potential to eliminate the breakup of a marriage and a family.